Lemonberry Page Protect

Lemonberry Page Protect

Page protect is a free, open source plugin for WordPress to provide a simple method of restricting access to a group of (non-Wordpress) users.

Multiple groups can be defined and re-used of multiple pages.  The user controls allow change of password.

The administration page allows passwords to be changed, users to be added and groups to be defined.


Please note: Lemonberry Page Protect is no longer being developed due to lack of time. Sorry people!


Add a shortcode to your WordPress content for each page you would like to protect:

[lbprotect groupname]

Where groupname is a group you’ve defined in the administration screen (WordPress WP-Admin->Settings->Page Protect)



Version Date Changes
1.0 2014-04-21 * Initial Release
1.1 2014-04-25 * Switched from internal password generation function to WordPress wp_generate_password() builtin.
* Minor bug fixes

Future Development

Allow more customisation of user forms (Login/Change Password) and ‘user bar’ (bar that provides “Change Password” and “Logout” links)




  1. Hi Simon,
    This plugin is great. Exactly what I was looking for! However, the users I add don’t appear in the Group I set up. And when I try to login with the password generated, it doesn’t work. Any ideas?


    • Hi Candy

      That’s odd. Do you have any other security-type (page protection) plugins installed and active on your site? I am wondering if there is a conflict of some sort.

      You won’t be able to login if the user isn’t in the group.

      Do you get any error messages when you create the group? Or when you try and add a user?


      I’ve found and fixed the problem. Please deactivate/delete the plugin then re-download. Hopefully it will work now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Hi Simon

    Tried to download the plug in via the wordpress plugin installer. It keeps saying failed. Do you know why this might be?

    Thank you


    • Sorry I don’t know. It works for me (and others, as far as I can tell). Can you download other plugins OK?

      • Yeah others work fine. It just says this:

        The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

        • Oh – I’ve just got the same error. I’m going to have to investigate this later – I think I might have made a mistake in the upload process. In the meantime, you can download the plugin from this page.

          Sorry for the problems!

          I’ve found the problem, and I believe I’ve fixed it. Please try again, and let me know how it goes.

  3. Same problem as Candy.
    The users I add don’t appear in the Group I set up. Also if I make more then one group. It shows the new entry in the top with password. But as soon as you add a new one the first is not saved neither and the new one goes to the top administration page.

    • Fixed. Please deactivate/delete and then re-download the plugin. It *should* work now.

      FYI: It was a bug concerning the creation of the database during the plugin_init function.

      • Simon, thanks database problem solved. When code is paste in page it shows up with email and password field. When filled in page reloads and Login failed message appears. Any thoughts on that? Thanks in advance, Paco

      • Datbase now works. When I enter the password and email the page reloads with login failed.
        Any idea what might cause that?


  4. Hi Simon,
    Let me say thanks for this plug-in. I did place the shortcode on the page that I wanted to protect. Checked it out and like clock work the sign-in blocks appeared. My only problem is that after entering the email and password I can’t see anything other than the title of the page. When I created the page I tried pasting to both the bottom and top of the page….same issue both ways. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. I have found a bug which might explain some people are experiencing – but I think it’s only related to some themes. Including the default TwentyFourteen unfortunately.

    The problem will show up in the Apache error log as a line saying something like:
    PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...

    I’m working on a fix – look out for an update coming soon.

    …And apologies to all those that this affects.

    • Simon, take your time… 🙂 I use the Sunny Blue Sky template if you need to check to see template relation.
      Cheers, Paco

    • Yep. This bug affects me. If you have a list of folks you’re alerting when a fix is found, add me to it! From what I’ve read, this is exactly what I’m looking for and was pretty bummed when it didn’t work with my chosen theme.

      • I’m using the Nimbus WP Opulus template.


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