HTML5/CSS3/jQuery MPD Client

After setting up the Linux based Music Player Daemon on my Raspberry Pi as my new front-room HiFi server, I looked around at the great number of clients available.  I couldn’t find one that exactly suited my needs, so I wrote my own. (more…)

Training video portal

A requirement was made to provide secure access to a collection of approximately 500 videos, roughly an hour each in length.  The system should be web based, use the credentials of an existing client portal and be conservative on disk/bandwidth usage.  Administrators should also be able to group videos and add/remove them. (more…)

Lemonberry Content Management System

Back in 2008 I developed my own Content Management System (CMS) for Lemonberry as we had a need to provide our clients with websites where they could have a rich interface for keeping the content up-to-date, whilst keeping the stucture and design of the site to us. (more…)