Secure Data Exchange Platform

Secure Data Exchange Platform

My most recent project was for a major international organisation in Rijswijk (Netherlands).  My primary role was the development of a secure data exchange platform replacing traditional high volume mail based paper and CD exchange. 


Built using Bash, PHP and some Java the system managed the scheduled exchange of data in various formats with approximately 20 remote offices world-wide over a secure network, converting it to and from required standards (mainly XML based) as required.  Data was transferred from and to the various systems using Rsync, SFTP, Samba or Stonebranch and had a web based dashboard giving users statistics and scheduling information written in PHP/MySQL/jQuery.

As the system expanded over the years I enjoyed the challenge of finding technical solutions to acquisition and conversion of data where other departments had declared it “wasn’t possible”.  The entire process was extensively peer-reviewed and vetted by the security and QA teams, and now plays a core function in production system.

I am proud that the system I built is being used to save a substantial sum of money in printing, scanning and mail costs, and in turn saved many trees.


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January 3, 2014