Lemonberry Page Protect

Page protect is a free, open source plugin for WordPress to provide a simple method of restricting access to a group of (non-Wordpress) users.

Multiple groups can be defined and re-used of multiple pages.  The user controls allow change of password.

The administration page allows passwords to be changed, users to be added and groups to be defined.



Secure Data Exchange Platform

My most recent project was for a major international organisation in Rijswijk (Netherlands).  My primary role was the development of a secure data exchange platform replacing traditional high volume mail based paper and CD exchange.  (more…)


At Lemonberry, we needed a administration system for managing our clients and their (mainly WordPress) hosting account.  (more…)

Document Management with automatic OCR and translation

One of the problems with living in a foreign country and not speaking the local language very well is that it can be a pain to deal with bills, tax documentation, government correspondence and other post that comes through your door.  My solution is an automated document management system that will translate anything that is scanned on our network scanner. (more…)

HTML5/CSS3/jQuery MPD Client

After setting up the Linux based Music Player Daemon on my Raspberry Pi as my new front-room HiFi server, I looked around at the great number of clients available.  I couldn’t find one that exactly suited my needs, so I wrote my own. (more…)

Training video portal

A requirement was made to provide secure access to a collection of approximately 500 videos, roughly an hour each in length.  The system should be web based, use the credentials of an existing client portal and be conservative on disk/bandwidth usage.  Administrators should also be able to group videos and add/remove them. (more…)

Lemonberry Content Management System

Back in 2008 I developed my own Content Management System (CMS) for Lemonberry as we had a need to provide our clients with websites where they could have a rich interface for keeping the content up-to-date, whilst keeping the stucture and design of the site to us. (more…)