A great success story: Migrating 15,000 PC’s from Windows to Linux

This was an interesting read from the Linux Voice site – how the city of Munich in Germany migrated 15,000 PC’s from Windows to Linux, and saved money in the process.   Even Steve Bullmer got involved pleading to make them stay with Microsoft!

Steve Ballmer tried to convince our mayor that it would be a bad decision to switch to open source, because it’s not something an administration can rely on. But some members of the city council said: what are we, if one member of a big company simply comes here, and he thinks he can just switch our opinions?


Secure Data Exchange Platform

My most recent project was for a major international organisation in Rijswijk (Netherlands).  My primary role was the development of a secure data exchange platform replacing traditional high volume mail based paper and CD exchange.  (more…)


At Lemonberry, we needed a administration system for managing our clients and their (mainly WordPress) hosting account.  (more…)